How it Works?


  • Our aim is to ensure you get deliveries fast and freshness of products is maintained, to make this happen we on board existing vegetable shops near you as our partners.
  • We set complete supply to these shops from our farmer groups / FPOs (Farmer Producer Organisations) and keep a check on quality and pricing.
  • Online orders are placed through us, shops pack the order for lower rates than the shop outlet rates itself as we decide their margins and ensure our partners follow it.
  • We have fulfillment centers near cities where farmers give us their produce, we buy from farmers at fair price. We sell this produce majorly to businesses and to end consumers through partnered shops with hyper local delivery.


Why should I buy from here?

First things first, we deliver top quality vegetables and best rates. what we also provide you with is a platform to help marginal farmers earn more and not be completely dependent on market variations, traders or certain middle men.

How is farmer getting support?

We first start buying in bulk from them and supply to business and our customers. We then select skilled and loyal farmers to offer Agri inputs as a initial capital support for them. We sign an agreement with them to supply produce worth same as Agri Inputs once harvest starts. This ensures he has buyer already in place even before sowing.

Can I buy directly from your nearby shops?

Not as of yet, but we are working towards creating our franchise outlets in future which will exclusively serve our customers both online and in store. So for now stay home and stay safe !

What products can I buy from this platform?

You can buy Fresh vegetables and Fruits as of now, we are soon introducing organic vertical and also other products.

What if the vegetables are not as per expectation?

You can mail us at support@farmslocal.com with the pictures of the items you are not satisfied with and do not forget to mention the Order ID. Our support team responds within 8 working hours and provides a refund on the wallet which you can use for next orders.

How is hygiene and freshness maintained till it reached me?

Freshness: We keep the supply chain time as low as possible and make sure products spend less time on delivery vehicles.

Hygiene: We work as per COVID-19 rules and only do contact less delivery. Our delivery executives and shop partners are extensively trained to ensure safety measures and hygiene is maintained. There are random audits also done to ensure everyone’s safety.

What if the quantity delivered is not as ordered?

We have strict policies with shop partners to ensure there is no mistake on the quantity sent. If any such case arises you can mail us at support@farmslocal.com with your issue and it will be solved on priority basis with either refund or delivery.

What if delivery doesn’t happen on time?

We ensure same day delivery at any cost and if this does not happen, we issue complete refund for the order. If the customer is willing to take the order next day, then it is delivered on priority basis. A mail to support@farmslocal.com with your order ID helps us resolve issues faster.

How is it different from other online grocery companies?

Our startup creates impact in each stakeholder of the value chain like farmers and small retailer. We work hard every day to bring end consumers close to farmers. We do not entertain middle men or any other suppliers other than FPOs or farmers themselves. We are a brand of farmers rather than “online grocery store” our core being Agriculture marketing rather than retail business.

What impact I can create by purchasing here?

This platform is built to provide marginal farmers with their own pool of end consumers. This pool of consumers not only increase his income but also ensures farmer’s family can afford education, clear their debts and most important not leave farming ! We also add sales volume to small retailer which results in higher income for him but less margins on each order. This share saved per order is given as better rates to customers and also as better price for farmers.

What is time taken for delivery?

Average delivery time taken is 60 minutes and all deliveries happen within 4 kms range from outlets. But in some rare cases if the stores are serving more than 5 km radius then delivery might get delayed. But at any cost the delivery is done on the same day and changes regarding orders are notified for your convenience.

What is time taken from harvest to delivery?

We strive to keep it below 18 hours from harvest to delivery but sometimes it can go up to 24 hours. Since we have cluster based supply chain model, we partner with farmers not more than 200 kms around the city. We also do not preserve or refrigerate the products and sourcing from farmer is done daily its then sorted, graded and sold same day.

Who delivers the order to my doorstep?

We have delivery executives and also delivery partners who provide both vehicles and drivers. In both the cases these are trained as per our standards on contact-less delivery and customer experience management.

How can I ensure that the products are brought from farmers directly?

We send Thank you notes in the form of video from our farmers reading out names of customers. This is sent through video on your email ID once you receive an order.

How do I get refund if I am not happy with your service?

You will have to mail us the issue with order ID on support@farmslocal.com. We do instant refund of money on your account wallet and you can use this for next order to get proportional reduction in total cart value. However, if you want the refund settled back to your account then it might take 3-5 working days depending on your bank account.